update log

feb 21 2024 - revamped the entire website and this version is now currently online.

my inspo

hii my name is louisa and I'm a homeschooled teen super into coding. this is my small digital space where i create experiment with html and attempt to make a cozy corner for myself on the internet (shoutout to the super specific stackflow and reddit posts that have helped me solve 90% of the issues i've had). this website is still a work in progress so future updates are gonna be rolled in. if you'd like to a lil more about me, you can checkout my about me page.

Before you leave feel free to sign my guestbook and leave a comment or any question.


  • listening to: c418 - ki
  • coding: data analysis and visualisation project for a competition
  • crochetting: a blanket
  • playing: gris

notable completed projects

across the spider-verse countdown

this is a counter that counts how many days that are left until the release of the spider-man: across the spider-verse movie!


this is a project i together with a friend worked on to offer resources to students to learn .

(content warning) ssv

this is a projected i worked on to offer resources to give information on [will add some form of "spoiler tag" here].

notable projects in progress

project period!

this is a website i am working on for a project i founded and run called project period!

datacamp datascience competition

top secret project i am working on for my datacamp datascience submission...stay tuned until it goes online!

if you'd love to see more of my work, feel free to check out my github page.