update log

february 2024 - revamped the entire website and this version is now currently online.

my inspo

i'm louisa and i'm a current year 11 student super passionate about machine learning and in the future i hope to research how it can be used to help make people happy and benefit society in general!

in my free time i like to play cook, crochet, and code. i also like enjoying the sky and clouds and i hope to be able to get into photography and tell stories of the sky and everything about the world around me.

my favourite colour is either black or pink, i really appreciate both colours my favourite animal is the capybara, they're so chill and if reincarnation is real, i would so wanna come back as one of those.

my favourite food has to be tofu sushi but i like exploring all sorts of flatbreads. also, did i mention i'm vegan?

i really enjoy reading with my favourite authors being john green and jhumpa lahiri (i especially loved "the namesake"). music-wise, i enjoy everything from nu-metal to k-pop.

i'm a huge cinephile too, if you'd like to check out most of the movies i've watched, check out my letterboxd c:

my favourite games are overcooked 2, overwatch 2 and the sims 4.